Make Up Party For Girls

make up party for girls

    make up
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MIPtalk - Episode 11 - Peter Samuelson

MIPtalk - Episode 11 - Peter Samuelson

MIPtalk returns from its extended hiatus with this exciting interview with media executive, producer and philanthropist Peter Samuelson. Peter Samuelson has three decades of experience running large media organizations across the media landscape and has produced and managed content teams in every major vertical: film, television, web, mobile, videogames and print. He has produced two dozen motion pictures over 25 years, including “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Arlington Road” and the Academy Award nominated “Tom & Viv”.

Peter served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Panavision Inc. and was Executive Chairman of the North American division as well as a Main Board Director of Samuelson Group PLC and its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries AVHQ, VDI and SCPI. Peter is a graduate of the Anderson School of Business at UCLA and also has a Masters Degree from Cambridge University, England. In 1982, Peter founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation—an international charity that provides psycho-social services to 2.4 million seriously ill children annually in five countries on a $65 million budget. Peter also founded, with Steven Spielberg and General Norman Schwarzkopf, the Starbright Foundation—a charity dedicated to developing media and technology-based programs to educate and empower ill children. On June 5th. 1995, Peter Samuelson and Steven Spielberg launched the world’s first fully-interactive social network, Starbright World, delivering video, sound, text and avatar – based communication to hospitalized children.

Starbright World still serves children 24 hours per day.

In 1999, Peter founded First Star, a separate national 501(c) (3) charity headquartered in Washington, D.C. that works to improve the public health, safety, and family life of America’s abused and neglected children. In 2006, Peter founded EDAR, “Everyone Deserves A Roof” Inc. to widely distribute the mobile single-user shelter he invented for our urban homeless. At a sponsorship price point of $500, 170 EDARs are now deployed in a Beta Test under an Efficacy Study by The Rand Institute. In December 2008, Peter was named An Inspiring Mind by the CNN Television Network.

Peter Samuelson has been awarded many honors including a Caring Award in the U.S. Senate. He has lectured on media, entrepreneurship and pro-social subjects at USC, UCLA and Oxford Universities and delivered the Plenary lecture at the 2009 World Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment in San Diego. Peter served on the three person founding Advisory Board of Participant Media, producer of such films as “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Syriana” and “The Soloist”.

For additional reference we’ve included links to some of the people, places and things discussed in this episode:

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Great Escapes
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DeShaney v. Winnebago County
State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the US
Legal Representation for Children
Michael Piraino
Court Appointed Special Advocates
A Child’s Right to Counsel
Children’s Advocacy Institute
Robert C. Fellmeth
Art Center College of Design
Richard Koshalek
Peter Diamandis
X Prize
Huffington Post
Precision Wire Products, Inc.
Jeff Skoll
Participant Media
Melissa Helmbrecht
National Citizenship Day
Do Something
The Soloist
Jim Berk
An Inconvenient Truth
Double Bottom Line
Muhammad Yunus
Grameen Bank
Pierre Omidyar
My Son Has Read the Internet
University of Cambridge
Archer School for Girls
Sarah Lawrence College
Cheviot Value Management
Peter Samuelson Official Site

Make-up Time!

Make-up Time!

Spent most of today being a lazy person recouping after my dad's crazy birthday night. Took this last night while I was getting ready.

And thanks so much for all the feedback!

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make up party for girls

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