Cover up tattoos makeup. Eye makeup design

Cover Up Tattoos Makeup

cover up tattoos makeup

    cover up
  • A cover-up is an attempt, whether successful or not, to conceal evidence of wrong-doing, error, incompetence or other embarrassing information. The expression is usually applied to people in authority who abuse their power to avoid or silence criticism.

  • A loose outer garment, typically worn over a swimsuit or exercise outfit

  • concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public

  • An attempt to prevent people's discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime

  • cover: hide from view or knowledge; "The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House"

  • (tattoo) stain (skin) with indelible color

  • A design made in such a way

  • (tattoo) a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

  • (tattoo) a design on the skin made by tattooing

cover up tattoos makeup - Kat Von

Kat Von D Tattoo Eraser

Kat Von D Tattoo Eraser

What it is:A light pink pencil that counteracts the dark blue and black ink of tattoos for serious concealing power.What it does:Let the famed and glamorous tattoo expert, Kat Von D, help you achieve the ultimate, customizable coverage, in four simple steps: prep, conceal, perfect, and set (see details for each step below). This powerful tool uses the perfect hue and texture needed to neutralize your tattoo's deepest blues and brightest purples.What else you need to know:Kat says, "If you wanna hide a tattoo just for one day, the proper concealer can make that happen! No one has to see what you don't want them to see!" Take it from the tattoo pro: "I think just as much as people have the choice to be tattooed, they should also have the liberty to look whatever way they want whenever they want." This is your ticket to tattoo freedom!- Step 1 - PREP: Draw over your tattoo with the Tattoo Eraser, following along the edges then filling in the area.- Step 2 - CONCEAL: Apply Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer over the tattoo and surrounding area using the concealer brush; let the concealer dry between layers; pat instead of "blending".- Step 3 - PERFECT: With a sponge, use a mattifying powder foundation over the area.- Step 4 - SET: Use a Make-Up Setting Spray to seal in your work.

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Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Paint

I found it amusing that this was in the wedding section of the party store. Appropriate, but amusing.



Ferbs Tattoo Undercover Logo - Remix 2

cover up tattoos makeup

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